Wednesday, June 30, 2010

No Strings Attached.

Okay, if you're anything like me, some verses in the Bible frustrate me. Such as, the ones where God's wrath is taken out on the world... or things that confuse the character I thought God had. Or the ultimate question: Why do bad things happen to good people?

If you have a spare hour, listen to this. It will help your soul.

No Strings Attached is what its called.

Last night, J and I called in Poblano's Grill and watched Pearl Harbor. Oddly, one of my favorite nights since we've been married.

Probably Jason's too, since he bought a safe for all his important documents. Oh him and his safety. I love it.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shake what?

I love being married!!!

When J and I were dating, he wrote me a note (almost) everyday. I know
, ridiculous and wonderful. But if anything else didn't rope me into his arms, this little act definitely did! Well, the other day I told him I mi
ss his notes and joked about it with him. This morning, I woke up to this:
Yes, that's our chalkboard wall in our kitchen :).

Okay okay okay. The reason for the title of this blog is this: A
s we were spending all of our Bed Bath & Beyond gift cards the other day, we came across this woman.

She had the shake weight in her hand. This will never fail to make me laugh. Ever. I also have to thank Ellen Degeneres for finding t
he same humor in this. However, and unfortunately, I heard it is very effective. For your muscles, that is.

This is my one con to going to hair school: leaving Leo by himself all day long. I know I know, he'll be fine. But I won't! I love that booger.

This is where he lives. No matter if I'm painting, hanging curtains, getting food, he will perch himself on my shoulder for hours. It's a good workout. Almost as good as the shake weight.

Monday, June 21, 2010

House Reno (ahhhhhhh) vations

So... the busy life has not stopped.

Maybe that's why adults love vacation so much. Now I'm understanding "me time".

Anyways, we've painted 3 rooms in the past week. But don't be fooled. I painted one room twice (kitchen) and I've now found the right shade. I love it.

The house isn't the biggest change. I think the biggest change is apparent in one of these pictures: (and no, I'm not pregnant)

Man room ^^...... all done! Just 5 rooms to go!

I hate Target right now. i've been about 8 times already today and every stinkin time I go, I get that cart.
You know. The cart that desperately needs some WD-40 and a whole new wheel that would be amazing if it could touch the floor.... Embarassing.

But nothing beats the girl I saw today! Oh I'm beating myself up for not taking a picture.
She had a bikini top or bra only (couldn't tell which one... hopefully the first)... daisy dukes that weren't so "daisy"...more "roger".... and brown combat boots.
Holy cow. If I had no shame, I would wear that to Target, too.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Married Life

New blogs= so much fun!!

Jason and I have officially been married for 11 days.
Honeymoon was unbelievable.
First (real) day of marriage: Oklahoma City was flooded and I had to stay home by myself until J got back.
Second day of marriage: Tj Maxx to buy home things, lunch with my new sister Natalie!! and nephew Greyson, Dent & Ding to look at washer and dryers, Target, Bank, AT&T to buy new phones, Poblano's Mexican food!!!, home finally.
Third day of marriage (today): bought washer and dryer, Lowe's for paint things, Target for groceries (thank you, gift cards).

Yes, I've been busy, BUT... Today I got asked my name for the first time, to which I replied...

"Jordan Taylor"

and then I got asked my phone number... but I didn't know it so I had to look it up.
and then I got asked for my address so I gave them my new one!!

I love new!
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