Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Married Life

New blogs= so much fun!!

Jason and I have officially been married for 11 days.
Honeymoon was unbelievable.
First (real) day of marriage: Oklahoma City was flooded and I had to stay home by myself until J got back.
Second day of marriage: Tj Maxx to buy home things, lunch with my new sister Natalie!! and nephew Greyson, Dent & Ding to look at washer and dryers, Target, Bank, AT&T to buy new phones, Poblano's Mexican food!!!, home finally.
Third day of marriage (today): bought washer and dryer, Lowe's for paint things, Target for groceries (thank you, gift cards).

Yes, I've been busy, BUT... Today I got asked my name for the first time, to which I replied...

"Jordan Taylor"

and then I got asked my phone number... but I didn't know it so I had to look it up.
and then I got asked for my address so I gave them my new one!!

I love new!

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