Monday, September 27, 2010

I have never ever...

... been more ready for fall in my life.
It hit me a week ago.

The overwhelming Christmas feeling.
The one that makes you want to listen to saxophones and choirs.
The one that puts summer to shame.

I can't wait.
But then....
I had a toffee mocha frappuccino.

Yeah. I died.

And then...
I saw these types of things:
And when you give a Jordan these colors and 75 degree weather, she'll want a ...

You best know I lived in a hoodie and sweat pants today.
Now I'm going to go watch this:

Monday, September 20, 2010


Just look.

Communication 10 x 10 print


MINI -- Activity -- 5x5 print

MINI SET-- 4 Photoshop Thoughts -- 5x5 prints

Yes to the peanutbutter and chocolate.
and yes peanutbutter should be one word.
so stop putting that red squiggly line under it computer!!!!!!!

here is a closeup of the color one.
MINI -- Chronology -- 5x5 print

posters from here

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Favorite Movie ever.... and i can't wait to see it.


I love jewelry. I have a pretty humble collection started.
Do I typically wear jewelry?

A simple ring and earrings is good enough for me.

But I can't stop looking at all these wonderful things.
I love seeing wiser (older than I) women with tons of jewelry-- all matching at that.

How beautiful are these women though?! They're the Silpada founders:)
The woman on the right couldn't stand up with all those rocks on, but still.... beautiful, eh?
How gorgeous are these!? ahhhhhh....

(photo from ljworld and justme)

Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm 21... yay me.

This weekend.

Good things happened.

Those kind of good things happened. Mmmmm lemon.

You can't get between me and lemon. Thanks Mrs. Brown! :)

I am now 21 but here's my dilemma:

kansas drivers license.

expired yesterday on my birthday.

didn't know that out of state and expired dls are BAAADDD.

i have to miss part of school tomorrow to retake both written AND DRIVERS TESTS.


anyways. this is me.

if i pass.


i wanna cry.

and eat a lemon cupcake.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Dayyy

This is a sad day.
My dad and brother left this morning (after amazing Cinnamon rolls of course). Being a boring 5 hour drive away from them, I love having them here!
Sadly, I don't have many pictures from this weekend because......

*deep breath* I spilled a water bottle in my purse and soaked everystinkingthing in there.....

But here's what I do have:

We drank a lot of MD. Good stuff.
Oh yeah... Jason picked up some sticks and then burned them.

This baby was CAAAAling my name. Oh you pink evil Schwinn. Fit into my pocket and come home with me!

Logan found some treasures. For some reason, he didn't leave with them.

I love seeing my dad because he always has something cool and insightful to show me. Things like scripture, book gems, or songs he's found a love in.
And he "handed down" this purple blanket my grandma made! I think it's fabulous::

Please disregard my semi-high face. Doesn't this look like it belongs in a fancy house with all kinds of beautiful things?!
Maybe I'm crazy.

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