Monday, June 21, 2010

House Reno (ahhhhhhh) vations

So... the busy life has not stopped.

Maybe that's why adults love vacation so much. Now I'm understanding "me time".

Anyways, we've painted 3 rooms in the past week. But don't be fooled. I painted one room twice (kitchen) and I've now found the right shade. I love it.

The house isn't the biggest change. I think the biggest change is apparent in one of these pictures: (and no, I'm not pregnant)

Man room ^^...... all done! Just 5 rooms to go!

I hate Target right now. i've been about 8 times already today and every stinkin time I go, I get that cart.
You know. The cart that desperately needs some WD-40 and a whole new wheel that would be amazing if it could touch the floor.... Embarassing.

But nothing beats the girl I saw today! Oh I'm beating myself up for not taking a picture.
She had a bikini top or bra only (couldn't tell which one... hopefully the first)... daisy dukes that weren't so "daisy"...more "roger".... and brown combat boots.
Holy cow. If I had no shame, I would wear that to Target, too.


  1. That hair cut makes you look so grown up. I love it! And of course only you could make it look as beautiful as you do!

  2. Oh george i LOVE it! so stinkin cute! is that you're new MOM cut? haha love you.

  3. Ha NO WAY! :) aint being a mom yet! That's my introduction to hairschool cut! :)

  4. OK... I LOVE the new hair and the new blog!! : )

  5. HAHAHA! I literally laughed out loud at the Target shopping cart thing... (and I'm still laughing) Just picturing your face as you push an obnoxious, non-compliant cart around. HA! So funny. At least you have cute hair. It distracts people from your embarrassing cart :)


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