Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Red Bows and Saving Money.

First, I want to say, never again never again will I post another cat blog.
I promise.
Who am I? My mom!?
(by the way, she was the only one who commented on that post... go figure)

I bought this book a while ago just for looks. You know, a coffee table book?

But then I decided to actually see what was written in it.
It is one of my favorite books ever! Its kind of like a Hallmark book. You know... full of sweet insights about life and love.
Anyways, never underestimate a coffee table book.

So tonight, after I'd consumed this
I almost forgot about these super cheap bows I told my girls I'd make, but I made them! I can't wait to see my girls wearing them tomorrow night. Don't worry.... pictures are a must. Go Red Team!!!
(youth group 6th grade girls... we're pretty tight).
After this creative spur, I decided to be even more frugal than NOT buying clothes:
Make my own.
I just had a skirt that I haven't worn in forever because I didn't like the length. So....
I took it in.
(photo creds to my husband).

Deed done.
Oh yeah and I jammed the machine.
In attempt to fix it, guess what happened? I broke something I didn't know how to fix, got lazy and put it away.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Leopold Taylor

I would just like to say how much I love my baby.
You might think I'm crazy.
You might think "Oh i hate those"
But you clearly haven't met mine.
My mom and I skype over him.
We send pictures to each other of our babies all day.
My husband did not want our baby at first, now he wants to build it his own house.

This is our baby, Leo:

Friday, August 27, 2010

Lost Weekend.

Accomplishments of the week:

1. I have had 2 clients and I'll have two more tomorrow!

2. I lost my phone and found it on top of my car. No, maybe this isn't an accomplishment. But I still felt good when I found it.

3. I made this for our Lost Extravaganza :

That's right. We just rented season 6 of Lost (finally) and are going to be nonstop watching it until The End. Don't ruin it for me. I just want Hurley to meet Jillian michaels.

Monday, August 23, 2010


So maybe.... I go to hair shows.
And maybe... my friends and I are models.
And maybe... I look like Clarisse from It Takes Two after we're done with me.
And maybe... both my friends look dang sexy after they're done.

And they're both single ;). I name them Mary Kate and Ashley.
Just call me mom.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A few things.

So I'm back from North Dakota! Good ol' windy ND.
The wedding was beautiful, so was the bride.

I am so glad to be back to my husband though. never taking a trip without him again!
My 40 day fast is going.... alright. I realize how much I think about clothes though and good Lord! Call me a girl.... I think about it probably every other thought. No joke.
You know all those statistics of guys and how much they think about sex and blah blah blah? Remove those and insert me and clothes and it's probably the same percentage!!

ahhhh. Make me frugle.
My wallet wants to love me.
So does my husband.

No stores. No online shopping.

Go listen to Bruno Mars: Just the way you are.
And be happy there are songs like this.

Monday, August 9, 2010

40 days.

I'm declaring this right now.
I do declare....
I am going on a 40 day fast.
Not any 40 day fast.
This one is going to TEST. ME. TO. NO. END.
I have tried before and never succeeded.
This time... I'm going to be a conquerer.

Why am I going on this fast?
- my husband will love me (most important reason)
- it will help my well being
- i hope to break my habit and become a more frugal person

Why 40 days?
I don't really know... because the Bible loves that number. And this is a God-ordained fast :)

What am I doing?
Not buying clothes, accessories, any apparel!! for 40 days.

I know, this seems ridiculous and not a big deal.
Listen, it is. I have no more hangers for one, and secondly, i hate getting the "What was this charge for?" Question from my loving and hard working husband.

No more, I tell you. No more.
(So if you feel like giving me your hand me downs, I'll gladly take them)


If you guys want to order mark stuff, this is the website! It's real easy and the stuff is seriously amazing!
And it smells good too.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


So I really need to take more pictures.

Jason and I were just hanging out with our friends, Allie & Brenton which is always amazing because great food is always involved :)

Allie made THE best cupcakes I've ever had! Being the lemon fanatic that I am, she made lemon cupcakes with this creamy goodness inside and HOMEMADE whipped cream. I know, probably everyone and their child knows how to make homemade whipped cream. But I have never made it, nor eaten it and friends.... it is HEAVEN. I could eat it all day everyday if it didn't give me cottage cheese legs.

Speaking of cottage cheese legs...


just wanted to share this people of walmart picture with you.


I mean, what did they think as they left their house?

Speaking of walmart, I just heard this hilarious story of a woman from walmart. This woman was very ... volumptuous. She got them curves goin on. Well she also decided to wear a mumu. Does it surprise you at this moment that it was midnight? Walmart + midnight = you never know.

Anyways, this woman was strutting her thing to the poultry aisle. She spots the ham section, reaches to get a huge whole ham, then proceeds to shove this ham up her mumu. Where and how she held it up there is a mystery.

She continues shopping when a couple aisles later, her ham falls to the ground and rolls on behind her. This is how she recovers:

"SCuse me! Who just through a ham at me?!"

I am going to walmart everynight from now on.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's a great Wednesday.

Go to youtube and watch "Jessica's Daily Affirmation"
It is my favorite video right now.

I have my wedding pictures.
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