Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shake what?

I love being married!!!

When J and I were dating, he wrote me a note (almost) everyday. I know
, ridiculous and wonderful. But if anything else didn't rope me into his arms, this little act definitely did! Well, the other day I told him I mi
ss his notes and joked about it with him. This morning, I woke up to this:
Yes, that's our chalkboard wall in our kitchen :).

Okay okay okay. The reason for the title of this blog is this: A
s we were spending all of our Bed Bath & Beyond gift cards the other day, we came across this woman.

She had the shake weight in her hand. This will never fail to make me laugh. Ever. I also have to thank Ellen Degeneres for finding t
he same humor in this. However, and unfortunately, I heard it is very effective. For your muscles, that is.

This is my one con to going to hair school: leaving Leo by himself all day long. I know I know, he'll be fine. But I won't! I love that booger.

This is where he lives. No matter if I'm painting, hanging curtains, getting food, he will perch himself on my shoulder for hours. It's a good workout. Almost as good as the shake weight.

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  1. you have a chalkboard wall in your kitchen?! that is so cool.


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