Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dear blog, I've missed you.

Sometimes... you just get busy. And you just forget to post a status... or reply to a text... or,
well, blog.
So I apologize.
Sorry little bloggy blogg blog.

Annnnyways, so this is Christmas.

its snoooowwwwing in the Taylor home!
but seriously... we cannot wait for the first snow. Tonight, we were driving to church and the sky was dark, but very cloudy like when it snows. You know that look? It looks just so comfy up there?!

oh, hey centerpiece.

Thanks Martha Stewart. Your ideas make me happy.

But why is every nativity set like this:::

Aww i love TreVon the wiseman.

A month and 8 days until Christmas!!!!!


  1. did you make those trees? how cute! how did you do it?

  2. Folding magazines. Lots of folding.
    and spray paint. and glitter.


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