Monday, November 22, 2010

Sorry Santa

Can I just say I haven't been this excited since my wedding?! Okay okay. Maybe I'm not that excited. But definitely half. Yes. Half excited.
It's THANKSGIVING WEEK!! I know I know.... I posted all about Christmas last time... but that's because it's so silly to put all the beautiful decor up for just a month! Heck, it gets cold, it's going up! So, putting christmas aside for the week (sorry Santa)... it's the week of turkey, family and football!!!!!!!!!

I have a few goals for this week. First, to try EVERYTHING. I've never had stuffing. Mostly because I don't really know whats inside and that scares me. Sometimes, I am still like a little kid that examines EVERYTHING thats going in my mouth. I don't want to accidently eat that darn onion or pickle!!!! Secondly... I'm going to balance out eating and exercising. Yeah right? Seriously. (okay probably exercising might include walking around the plaza, but hey.... its hard stuff).

So in honor of Thanksgiving..... my chalk board wall:

What? There's only a few things written on there? Oh and they're all in my handwriting and none from my husband?
Okay FINE! Maybe I just now made it... I'm a little behind, but I'll keep it up through Christmas deal?! Yeah that means I just drew it, took a picture and put it on my blog. I've been a little busy! *note...messy kitchen.

On to further news, I can now put my hair in a mini ponytail.
Would you like to see?

I am thankful for bobby pins and hairspray.


  1. Oh your ponytail... I can't even imagine how excited you were when you realized your hair would finally fit. Haha! Cute.
    Ps: I still get comments on my awesome hair and how much people love it. I figured you should know :)

  2. i'm still so jealous of that chalkboard...


  3. soooo jealous of your chalkboard wall!

  4. i'm in love with your chalk board wall!! and definitely a bit jealous ;)


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