Monday, October 4, 2010

Crafty Mondays.

Since I have Mondays off (which I loooooooo ho ho hove), I've found myself doing more crafts or fixing things I would otherwise be too lazy to deal with.
I got these great boots but they had a tacky string in the drawstring.... so I got the only silver ribbon HL had (weird) but it worked out perfectly! See?

ew tiny drawstring.

So remember these flower pillows?
Well... my kitty chewed them up. soooo these resulted for today's crafts:

I finally figured out how to do these dang flowers!!! ANd they're super duper easy!!
Off to take a nap. Sheesh.
(Kidding to all you full time mothers of three under the age of 5 that still make time for hobbies.. i'll go run a marathon with all the energy I actually have left now). :)


  1. do you happen to read design sponge? if not, i think you would like it! =)


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