Monday, September 27, 2010

I have never ever...

... been more ready for fall in my life.
It hit me a week ago.

The overwhelming Christmas feeling.
The one that makes you want to listen to saxophones and choirs.
The one that puts summer to shame.

I can't wait.
But then....
I had a toffee mocha frappuccino.

Yeah. I died.

And then...
I saw these types of things:
And when you give a Jordan these colors and 75 degree weather, she'll want a ...

You best know I lived in a hoodie and sweat pants today.
Now I'm going to go watch this:


  1. oh my goodness how i miss charlie brown thanksgiving! i'm guessing you'll be coming homw for thanksgiving and we should plan a night to get everyone together and watch it!!

  2. nope.... i will be here for thanksgiving :( i have two families now lol

  3. Woohoo! Love your autumn pictures! Life is best lived in hoodies, I do believe. :) Happy October to you!


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