Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wife's Tales.

I love life.
I have been such a wife lately and I love being one!
I got this:
(thanks mom ;) )

And made these!!::
(don't judge... I'm not awesome, just satisfied)

And got a CROCKPOT finally (i used to hate these and swore i'd never get one) and magic came out of it! Cause Lord knows it wasn't my cooking skills....

and I know that the bun is upside down. I'm not awesome, yet...... clearly.
A burger is a burger. Give me a break.


  1. you are so cute. : ) i'm proud of your wife skills!

  2. yay, jordan! i love your sewing machine! where'd you get it? i have an old one thats not working right and i'm debating whether i should try and get it fixed or find a new one...hope you have lots of fun with your wifey projects ;-)

  3. I want that sewing machine! lol.. love it!

  4. crock-pots = magic


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