Thursday, July 8, 2010

One month of marriage!


We did make it to one month. In fact, we have made it to a month and 3 days.
We didn't have much time to plan or be cute and make reservations anywhere amazing (eg Melting Pot) so we made our own dinner!

Cheese Fondue!!!!!!!
We also made chocolate but didn't get a picture. I guess it didn't matter because cheese was better anyway!!!

(we'll work on the chocolate before you come over ;) )

For some reason, Jason and I both just can't do scary movies. We get nervous, I get sweaty, he clenches his hands, its just not good.
And for some reason, we have watched two recently all by ourselves. The most recent was The Crazies.
I about peed my pants the whole movie. We both had the blanket over our heads half the time.
Whyyyyyy do we watch them so much? And then I'll start freaking out thinking that my neighbor is going to come stand in front of our window and stare at me with a knife..........

No more scary movies.

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