Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I can cut hairs nowwww!
Okay not really. But I am getting there! Only 36.5 more weeks! :)

Schools been so much fun so far. Except tonight.
I get home and am doing homework (which I oddly couldn't wait to do) and Jason is just curled up on the couch yelling at me to come sit with him.
... Why can't married people just have a whole year to themselves at first?
Like government paid for free married year.

Regardless, we're having so much fun being married.
And we're learning about (yelling at) each other.
I'm being a lot more responsible and he's learning how to just chill.
However, I do have to admit, I am learning some great skills. Time management, prioritizing, I'm making to-do lists and grocery lists and not buying more than whats on them....
It's amazing really. A miracle. A stinkin lovely miracle.

I never thought I would keep a budget. Or put the dishes in the dishwasher at the end of every day. Or get bugged when the bed wasn't made.
I know! I used to be a terrible person!

Look at me now!

I'm a new woman! :)


  1. Wow! A new woman indeed! That's crazy. However, I have become a huge fan of lists too. I make to-do lists everyday at work and grocery lists are God's gift to those of us with little money and things to buy. Don't you just feel so much more productive when you walk into the grocery store and find just what you need? I love it. Who knew shopping with a purpose could be so fun! :)
    I miss you.
    We need to have a get together.
    ...and maybe I'll let your premature professional hair-cutting/dying hands do my hair while we're at it.

  2. I love this post! It's so so true. I can't tell you how often I come home with stuff to do and Jarod just continues to yell at me (ok, maybe yell is a BIT of an exaggeration) to just go sit with him. Perfect example: I get home from the grocery store with bags upon bags which makes for trips upon trips from the car to the counter top, where they'll then need to be unloaded. Instead of helping me (which he does, occasionally) he'll want me to go sit with him and then appear to be frustrated when I don't just throw the bags down on the ground, let groceries spill and frozen foods thaw/melt and run to him with open (and empty) arms.

    Can you tell this has happened before? I guess I'd rather this scenario though than have him not want to sit with me at all.

    It's also amazing how marriage makes you kind of grow up all at once. At least in some ways. I still don't ever make our bed...


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