Monday, February 7, 2011

my spot

This is my new favorite place to sit in our house.
Who cares? Probably no one, but finally becoming content with your own house is a huge accomplishment of mine.
I think I completely wear my husband out from my "ideas" and "sudden inspirations" to decorate and then re-decorate. Finding a spot where you can think of what else to do with your house read magazines and clip coupons is like doing yoga all day long! I have a "spot"... just like my mom has one: At the desk in our kitchen that is always (organizingly) cluttered with papers, her schedule and laptop and cell phone. I swear... this spot for her will never change.

Ross/TJ Maxx/ Marshalls HomeGoods (if we had one!!!) is my absolute FAVORITE place to get things! It might be the end of my spending history because everything is so cheap but I can't resist myself!

If this post isn't the ending reflection of a great day! Starting it off with devotions, a work out, seeing some great people at church, gettin a mani! (thanks hubster), Spicy Pickle, and home decor! Can I get a yoyoyoyoyoyoy?!

** If you didn't get the "yoys" ... its from little rascals. Get with it.

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