Thursday, February 3, 2011

Failing at this 365 project + Snow

There are a few things I've learned from having 3 snowdays after a weekend:

Snowdays are just the absolute best when you're married. Honestly... being married + snowdays = the most romantic, laid back time together

My husband (I almost said "husbands" but then this statement might be false... I dunno, you tell me) will stay outside 10+ hours no matter the wind chill to finish his first igloo. Okay... maybe not ten, but close to it. 

It's absolutely okay to not get chores done during snowdays.

Oklahoma only has 4 snow plows so one snow day in Kansas = a week of snow days here. (Just another reason that Kansas (CITY) is better... much better... than Oklahoma.... :))

***Okay I really do love where I live, I just am proud of where I grew up, okay?!

There are not many good TV shows on during the day time

Beating the New Super Mario Bros. can almost kill a marriage

Some pictures of the past couple weeks 
(I'm still really bad at doing this whole picture-a-day thing....)

 Found a new chinese/sushi fix for cheap! Thanks Nhinja!

Oh this fake snow is FINALLY coming off... only to have real snow there the next week.

We got our first massage!! This was after :)

I am addicted to my espresso machine. MMmmmmm

Inside Jason's igloo!!! (Don't be fooled.... I was only there for the two seconds it took to take this picture and then I was gone.)

Snow day: Super Mario Bros.... which, by the way, is WAY TOO FUN with 4 people. :)

Jennee can't smile normal and this is where we sat allllll day yesterday. I love that you live so close, friend. 

Jason sits like this often, but I always laugh. Hey, marshie.


  1. HAHAHA! I love this post. I'm super bummed we didn't get as many snow days as you though!! We only had two... and I watched Criminal Minds on DVD with coffee the entire time. Except for a walk to the supermarket for snacks. HA!
    I saw Jason's igloo movie on fb. Impressive. I admire the child in him... I was dreaming of the San Diego beach and summertime! Lol.
    Can't wait to see you again!! It has been TOO long!

  2. cant believe you lived in kc and moved to oklahoma! just like ME! and i equally dislike it as much as you do. everytime ive driven in my car this past week its been me yelling at the roads.... grrr.

    your blog is cute! :) found it through some friends!


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