Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jason vs. Jordan

Dialog between a certain husband and wife:::

Wife opens the door to the fridge and realizes there is only one piece of her yummy cookie cake left.

Wife:: Someone had some cake yesterday huh?!
Husband:: YEAH I DID!! 

Wife opens the freezer to find some ice cream. 

Wife:: Where's the ice cream?!

Husband smiles and turns his head to the side in a look-how-cute-I-am way.

Wife:: Are you serious?!?! Ughhhh....
Husband:: AND... I put whipped cream and caramel sauce on it!!
Wife:: (no response)
Husband:: I am AWESOME!!

After sitting down to indulge in my amazing triple chocolate cookie cake, I  the Wife looks up and asks my her sweet husband to get her a glass of milk. 

Husband:: Ohhhhhhhh I drank all that too! (Laughs hysterically rolling on the floor)
Wife:: (seriously) Go to Homeland and get me some milk.
Husband:: No!! You're the one who's supposed to keep the fridge stocked!! I've cleaned all weekend!!

... end of his life


  1. Jordan. I love your blog. SO CUTE!!! I'm following now. :)

  2. ahahaha.. i hate when that happens!! ;)


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