Sunday, January 16, 2011

Don't judge me...

I REALLY need to get my act together with this whole taking a picture everyday thing! I am so bad at it! But shocker.... my life really isn't cool enough to take a picture of everyday! I know I seem so fabulous but really..... I'm not. 


Here's all I have to show since my last picture post. 

We couldn't stick to our fast so we gave in....helloooo pizza hut that we can see from our window.   

and we got cat #2. Welcome Zoe! 

Let me just explain. Cats are better in pairs. 

Leo was being a punk and couldn't control his playful biting mode soooooo Zoe is here to save the day and she's dang gorgeous and feels like a chinchilla.

So quit judging me! I'm sure you've eaten pizza or a cookie when you weren't supposed to either!!!!

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