Monday, October 11, 2010

Maturity beats all.

Okay okay okay. I PROMISE I'll stop changing my blog look. I just love change, I guess.

I have made a very organized and domestic decision that will shock those of you who really know me.
I have decided to plan out my meals for the whole week so I don't have to freak out and run to the grocery store every two days.

See?! I'm so proud of having a plan & making a shopping list.
I guess we'll see if I go back to the store this week. Pray for me. ;)


  1. i love this! we sit down and plan a week's worth of meals every sunday. and it really does help!
    have fun =)

  2. this chalkboard thing is awesome. planning out meals is the best. i would freak out and never cook if i didn't plan ahead because i hate going to the grocery store. and you have my old blog on your blog list.

  3. Who are you? Lovin' your organization and domestication.


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