Monday, October 18, 2010

best day of the week.

Mondays are good because:

I get to sleep in a little (meaning 8:30... I hate sleeping in too much)
Everything I stress out over the weekend I can accomplish on Mondays!
I get more time to spend with Jesus!
I don't feel guilty for leaving my cat home all alone like usual.
I can NAP!!
I can shop (and frustrate my husband)
I can watch reruns of the OC

This particular Monday, I disappointed myself and decided to go tanning. The bad kind. with skin cancer rays.
I knooooowww.... stop yelling at me.
I am really vain and don't want to be glowing all of winter. I know there are all these spray tan alternatives.
But it's just. not. the. same.

I'm over it if you are. :)

Good news for today: I finally had enough money to go buy a camera!!
I accidentally plunged my camera in water and ruined it for good.
So. I now have a new camera.
Get ready for tons of pictures.
If it annoys you, learn to scroll quickly.

1 comment:

  1. i love my mondays too. : ) well, sort of. i do have to do homework on these days, but they have been my day off this fall. that might change with my new job...but i kinda hope not because its wonderful not getting that sick feeling on sunday night that you get when you know the next day starts off your busy week.


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