Monday, August 9, 2010

40 days.

I'm declaring this right now.
I do declare....
I am going on a 40 day fast.
Not any 40 day fast.
This one is going to TEST. ME. TO. NO. END.
I have tried before and never succeeded.
This time... I'm going to be a conquerer.

Why am I going on this fast?
- my husband will love me (most important reason)
- it will help my well being
- i hope to break my habit and become a more frugal person

Why 40 days?
I don't really know... because the Bible loves that number. And this is a God-ordained fast :)

What am I doing?
Not buying clothes, accessories, any apparel!! for 40 days.

I know, this seems ridiculous and not a big deal.
Listen, it is. I have no more hangers for one, and secondly, i hate getting the "What was this charge for?" Question from my loving and hard working husband.

No more, I tell you. No more.
(So if you feel like giving me your hand me downs, I'll gladly take them)


  1. I would totally give u hand me downs...problem is they would swallow you alive....LOL... So sorry I cannot help! ;)

  2. You may have heard of Dave Ramsey. His financial peace program is INCREDIBLE. My fiance and I went through it together, and we still listen to the audio lessons from time to time. I would recommend it to ANYONE! Not only is the plan completely doable and genius. It's stress-free and really fun to be engaged in. He's a really funny guy. Just a suggestion. =) Good for you trying to stay away from over-shopping. I used to spend just about everything I earned through high school and even the beginning of college. Now that I'm about to be married, I'm thinking, "Crap, I wish I had of known then what I know now" - then all that money wouldn't have gone down the drain! ...Into all those things I didn't truly NEED. Best wishes!


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