Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Full of love

Things I LOVE latelies:

.Hole-in-the-wall pizza places where they call you by name
.Drinking a good ole rootbeer after no soda all day
.Coming home to surprises from my husband
.Weekends with great friends from childhood
.Going shopping with a great friend and having a very important teenhood song (Lil Mama version-- Girlfriend) come on while trying on "stellar" shoes (Thanks for the word Xenon girl of the 21st century)
.some great devotions and knowing God does have a plan and I'm living it right now
.Being the best student I can in the school I always wanted to go to :))))))
.being a mark rep
.being so indecisive about everything
.boyfriend sweats from p!nk


  1. Your happiness and excitement is contagious! It's like you leave a trail of glitter in your path! I have never known you well, but these things are just obvious. =) I enjoy your posts about married life and all things new and exciting. Blessing to you & Jason, sweet girl!

  2. I loved this weekend too!! It was seriously so wonderful! I couldn't have asked for a greater time with a better friend. You're amazing and I love you so much. Your new life is literally a dream come true and I loved getting to see it and be a part of it for a weekend!
    Now, moving away from the sappy-ness...
    I'm going to buy your boyfriend sweats this weekend so I don't forget and so they don't disappear. (just so you know) I might even send them to you as a pre-birthday just because they are that great. LOL!
    And I am currently shopping on your mark site. I'm so excited to buy stuff from you! : )
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