Thursday, March 10, 2011


1 more day of school for me this week.
2 days until my friends Jennee and Jonathan get married. 
4 days until Jamy gets back from St. Thomas. 
15 days until Mallory and Jordan get their Evangel booties to OkC
30+ days until I graduate hair school. 
30+2 days until we go on vacation. 
30+a week until I start my new job!
a couple years until we have babies. 

Okay I'm done. 
But I'm not going to say out loud that Jason and I talked about baby names last night. 
Or maybe it was just me and all he said was "sure" or "i dont care" or "you're not naming our babies".


  1. Okay. My turn.
    3 days until my spring break is over :(
    15 days 'til I'm spending quality time with my BFFFFF!!
    8 1/2 weeks of school until SUMMER.
    1 more semester until my student teaching.
    2 more semesters 'til I GRADUATE!!
    those are the only things I have countdowns for at this point. I'm sure there will be some other exciting things in there that I just don't know about yet ;)
    Obviously the 15 days is the big one! SO excited to get my Evangel booty to OKC!!
    LOVE YOU!!

  2. Bahaha! I love the baby name talk...pretty sure that's at least a weekly occurrence in our fam!


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