Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Project 365

I will never be good at doing the same thing everyday. 
Nothing I have is routine. 

I don't shower every morning (I probably shouldn't have started off this blog with this statement)
I eat something different for breakfast... if I eat breakfast
I don't have the same nighttime washing face routine. Every night is different. 
And I don't even have kids yet!

So how on earth does anyone expect me to remember to take a picture of something cool I did that day?! How am I supposed to remember to even DO something cool everyday?!

Soooo with this intro, here are some pictures of my life, the days that I have actually remembered to do this project. 

I went out to find the best sand-esque color for our bedroom....... only to keep the dark blueish-gray that we have and trade in our bedspread for a giant white down comforter and used an unused curtain for a new contrasting headboard (pictures to come....maybe) 

Just made our version of a pizookie on a snow day.  Goodness, that thing is so chocolatey..... 

Oh just my good ole community group playing Just Dance!!! It might possibly be the best group game ever. It helps when you're sweating after one game to have another dance group ready and waiting.... :)

My family came to town! I apologize for my sleepy eyes but not for us all wearing hoodies. It was early and we were enjoying Panera. This is our life.

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