Sunday, August 8, 2010


So I really need to take more pictures.

Jason and I were just hanging out with our friends, Allie & Brenton which is always amazing because great food is always involved :)

Allie made THE best cupcakes I've ever had! Being the lemon fanatic that I am, she made lemon cupcakes with this creamy goodness inside and HOMEMADE whipped cream. I know, probably everyone and their child knows how to make homemade whipped cream. But I have never made it, nor eaten it and friends.... it is HEAVEN. I could eat it all day everyday if it didn't give me cottage cheese legs.

Speaking of cottage cheese legs...


just wanted to share this people of walmart picture with you.


I mean, what did they think as they left their house?

Speaking of walmart, I just heard this hilarious story of a woman from walmart. This woman was very ... volumptuous. She got them curves goin on. Well she also decided to wear a mumu. Does it surprise you at this moment that it was midnight? Walmart + midnight = you never know.

Anyways, this woman was strutting her thing to the poultry aisle. She spots the ham section, reaches to get a huge whole ham, then proceeds to shove this ham up her mumu. Where and how she held it up there is a mystery.

She continues shopping when a couple aisles later, her ham falls to the ground and rolls on behind her. This is how she recovers:

"SCuse me! Who just through a ham at me?!"

I am going to walmart everynight from now on.


  1. I've experienced such crazy things there. Once a saw a woman (a hefty one at that) in only a sports bra. No shirt. Yeah..


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