Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Red Bows and Saving Money.

First, I want to say, never again never again will I post another cat blog.
I promise.
Who am I? My mom!?
(by the way, she was the only one who commented on that post... go figure)

I bought this book a while ago just for looks. You know, a coffee table book?

But then I decided to actually see what was written in it.
It is one of my favorite books ever! Its kind of like a Hallmark book. You know... full of sweet insights about life and love.
Anyways, never underestimate a coffee table book.

So tonight, after I'd consumed this
I almost forgot about these super cheap bows I told my girls I'd make, but I made them! I can't wait to see my girls wearing them tomorrow night. Don't worry.... pictures are a must. Go Red Team!!!
(youth group 6th grade girls... we're pretty tight).
After this creative spur, I decided to be even more frugal than NOT buying clothes:
Make my own.
I just had a skirt that I haven't worn in forever because I didn't like the length. So....
I took it in.
(photo creds to my husband).

Deed done.
Oh yeah and I jammed the machine.
In attempt to fix it, guess what happened? I broke something I didn't know how to fix, got lazy and put it away.


  1. I have several books I plan on using as my coffee table books and am very excited about getting an actual coffee table in the near future. Oh and for the record, I left a message about your cat blog saying that your kitty looks like our cat, SARS. I don't know why it didn't actually show up as a comment.

  2. Post Secret books are my favorite coffee table books, but I have to remember to have a box of Kleenex sitting beside it too. Just in case. Lol.

    I love your sewing skills! and your attempts to fix it. Haha! I literally laughed out loud.

    Ps: We need to skype sometime! I made an executive decision that if I can't physically see you until December, I have to at least technologically see you! Let me know what you think of my master plan : )

    LOVE YOU!!


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